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Ever wondered if it’s possible to buy Vimeo views for your videos? Now it is! Galaxy Marketing offers you high quality Vimeo views for your videos at great prices!

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Get more views on Vimeo

As far as the popular video platforms are concerned, Vimeo should not be missing. Founded in 2004, this social media platform is a video portal, like YouTube, where previously created videos are made available to viewers.

Anyone can create an account, which is of course free, and then upload their own videos and distribute them on the Internet. The own Vimeo channel can be designed visually according to your own ideas.

With Vimeo you can also charge other users money if they want to watch your video. This is especially true if you are already famous. In these cases Vimeo gets 10% paid by the artist.

The power of social media video platforms should not be underestimated, because experts say that 80% of all Internet traffic is currently generated by videos. Besides YouTube, you should also be active on Vimeo – more than 170 million users worldwide!

Can you buy Vimeo Views?

Reasons to buy Vimeo Views

As already mentioned, it is very tedious and time-consuming, especially at the beginning, to get views, bind followers to yourself and to get your likes. To get the ball rolling, buying Vimeo views is a valuable option! But why is it so important?

Well, for one thing it is very good for your search engine ranking and SEO work. With a good Vimeo video and a lot of views you can get a lot of traffic to your website by linking correctly. The more the better – so why not help with the Vimeo Views Buy?

Of course it is also important that the video really offers added value and is informative – the viewers are spoiled.

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How to get more views on Vimeo

The logic for buying Vimeo Views is basically very simple: let’s say you are watching two videos on the same topic on the video platform. One has 1000 views, the other 1.000.000 – which one would you watch? Right – the video with more views.

So if you buy Vimeo Views right at the beginning, you are giving your channel a valuable jump start. This is what most vloggers and companies do, by the way.

If you have enough views, you might make it onto the staff pick list, which is the same as the trend list on YouTube. However, you will only be listed here if your viewer numbers are really good. One more reason to buy a Vimeo Follower. Once you’re on this special list, you’ll automatically get lots of organic views and a real snowball effect.

And many Vimeo views are also important if you want to offer product advertising. Your clients want to be sure that your videos are seen by as many people as possible. Many Vimeo views indicate authority and reach in the corresponding niche – both very interesting for companies.

Buy Vimeo Views

Buying Vimeo Views – with Galaxy Marketing a child’s play!

If you want to buy Vimeo Views to get your business or personal channel off the ground, you need a competent and reliable partner! At Galaxy Marketing we know our business and are happy to help you. You can order different quantities of views, which will be delivered to you quickly and safely.

You can rest assured that your data is 100% safe with us, will not be passed on to third parties and no one will ever know that you have helped a little with your Vimeo Views purchase!

If you still have any questions, you can of course contact our motivated team. We are happy to help you with buying Vimeo Views or any other questions you may have! Just send us an email or contact us via the live chat at the bottom left of our website!

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According to experts, around 80% of all Internet traffic will come from videos by 2019. This shows how important video marketing is to your business, and definitely it can’t just be about YouTube. Vimeo, which was founded in 2004, is another video platform that many people are excited about and therefore should not be ignored.

The platform has over 170 million users, and the number is growing daily. If you have set up your campaign correctly, you too can benefit from it. Understandably, it is very important to generate as many hits as possible with your videos.

Getting views can take a long time, although you have done your part to ensure the quality of the video and its relevance. The level of frustration can be so high that most people end their campaign completely. This need not be the case with you. You can buy Vimeo views on our website.

More hits

When you buy Vimeo views for your videos, you give the impression that many people like your video – and thus you attract even more viewers.

Increase interaction rate

You can also get so-called impulse clicks on Vimeo, which can have a positive effect on the popularity of your videos.

Advantages for SEO

Videos can enhance your site’s SEO efforts by improving your site’s ranking in search results and providing a high click-through rate. In addition, the use of videos reduces the bounce rate by a significant factor.


Maybe this is a completely new measure for you, or maybe you have already thought about it. So what are some of the reasons to buy Vimeo views for your videos?


The video plays a big role in search engine optimization, this cannot be ignored.
So if you have a very informative video with undeniable quality on Vimeo, you can generate traffic for your website by applying the correct linking. By using many purchased views, you can be sure that the number of hits on your
website will be overwhelming - and that this will play an important role in the search engine optimization of your website. You will be better ranked in the search engines and at the same time increase your online presence.


The logic is simple: Let's assume you have visited the video platform and there are two videos. One has 1,000 views and the other has 1,000,000 views. Which one would you like to see? The one with the most views, of course. This is how people behave on social media platforms. Curiosity is what drives most people to what they do.
When you buy Vimeo views for your video, you give the impression that many people like your video - and this attracts even more people. This is a clever way to get views for your videos. The only remaining task is to make sure that the quality and relevance of the video is maintained.

THE “staff pick” list

The "Staff Picks" list on Vimeo is almost identical to the "Trends" list on YouTube. With this level you will be shown that you have done everything possible to ensure that you can reach as many people as possible. Your video will only be listed if the number of viewers is high enough to express the satisfaction of the viewers while watching it. Also, the reactions to your video will affect your ability to be included in the "Staff Picks" list.
It is important that your video is displayed there to get more views and followers. It will also play a central role in ensuring your popularity not only on the platform, but also outside, and the best part is that you only have to buy Vimeo calls to achieve this.


If you want to promote your brand or business, using Vimeo is a good idea. You should make sure you create a high quality and attractive video of the product or service in question and upload it to your company profile on Vimeo - but don't stop there. You should consider buying Vimeo Clicks. As we've already seen, you'll get even more hits by listing many views of your videos. This is important because it's the idea behind product promotion on the platform.
So if buying views helps you promote your product or brand - what should prevent you from making sure you take advantage of the opportunity? It's no longer any secret that this technique is very efficient at getting many views.

Besseres Ranking 99%
Höhere Reichweite 85%
Werde gefeatured 78%
Viral werden 98%


Owning attractive video material is very easy. The only thing you need are views. The good thing is that you can buy views in bulk. With many clicks you will make it to the top search results on the platform when users search for your keywords.


Finally, you should make sure that you buy the right kind of views. And we can help you with that.

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